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Chauffe-Moi Australia

My journey in dedicated crochet and knitwear creation started in 2013 when my husband and I, while planning a winter holiday to Japan, got hooked on creating beanies. With that seed planted, we started to evolve...

Our name, Chauffe-Moi, harks back to my French language heritage and literally means, "Make Me Warm."

Through crochet and knitting, I bring to life beanies, berets, slouchies, headbands and, since 2018, mittens, scarves, shawls and sweaters. My husband, Chris, is the creative energy behind our technology, photography and business paraphernalia.

My mantra, "Hand-Made With Heart," captures the attention I give to everything I make. I particularly love colour and innovation, and am fastidious about detail.
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