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Handcrafted Organic Herbal Teas

Tea From Two Homes

South Coast

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Our range of handcrafted herbal blends have been created by tea lovers for tea lovers! They're packed full of flavour to fight the war against boring cups of loosely flavoured hot water. Our range is 100% natural - loose leaf organic ingredients, no nasties or flavourings, vegetarian and vegan friendly, and we encase everything in eco-friendly packaging.

Tea tip - our teas are perfect hot or cold! Check out our super simple brewing instructions down below.

Our range is available in 4 sizes:

  • Tubes - 3-4 cups worth of hot tea or 1L of cold-brewed tea
  • Boxes - 15 cups worth of hot tea or 2L of cold-brewed tea
  • Double bags - 30 cups worth of hot tea or 4L of cold-brewed tea
  • Triple bags - 45 cups worth of hot tea or 6L of cold-brewed tea

Special addition: All orders are served with a healthy dose of love - let us know your or the recipient's favourite colour in the notes section above, and we'll add a special little compliment to the order!


Pretty Fly - “I’m pretty fly for a blue guy!” This blend was MINT to be magical. Make purple tea with a squeeze of lemon & a stir!

Ingredients: Eucalyptus leaves, spearmint leaves, blue butterfly pea flowers and licorice root.

Rosie - A light, floral, delectable blend. Add a dried strawberry for natural sweetness!

Ingredients: Red rose petals, dried strawberries, rosehip shells and hibiscus petals.

Nanna Myrtle - Nanna knows best! This caring tea grandmother will warm you up with hugs. Make her a real sweetie with some honey!

Ingredients: Lemon myrtle leaves and ginger root.

Marvel Us - Introducing the dynamic duo of the tea universe: Magnificent Mint & Luscious Licorice. Ready to refresh your day!

Ingredients: Spearmint leaves and licorice root.

A Little Ray Of Sunshine - A delicately crafted blend of natural relaxants. Inspiring inner peace & happiness, one sip at a time!

Ingredients: Lemon myrtle leaves, chamomile flowers and valerian root.

Gini & Co - A designer label for a designer tea, carefully crafted to recharge & revitalise!

Ingredients: Siberian ginseng root, aniseed myrtle leaves and ginger root.

Chaiii-Ya - A lightly spiced rooibos chai, offering a caffeine-free way to enjoy your day!

Ingredients: Rooibos leaves, cardamom pods, ginger root, star anise, black peppercorns, cinnamon chips and clove buds.

Dream Time - Sweet dreams are made of teas! Who are we to disagree?

Ingredients: Red rose petals, spearmint leaves, chamomile flowers, lavender buds.


  • Hot brewing instructions: 1-2 teaspoons per cup, 100°C water, 5-7 minutes. Chaiii-Ya can be brewed on hot milk, water or a combo of both.
  • Cold brewing instructions: 1 box per 2L, cold water, 10-12 hours in the fridge (in your favourite jug or glass bottle). Chaiii-Ya can be brewed on milk or water, and is best made stronger and left for longer - we suggest doubling the amount and time.
Manda and Garry - Tea From Two Homes
Tea From Two Homes was created to inspire connections, with yourself and others. The perfect cup of tea needs the best balance of flavour and temperature, as well as the company of good chats or the serenity of time alone with your thoughts. It’s a strong and multi-faceted weapon, with the power to pause, relax, reset, reflect, invigorate, inspire, connect, escape, let go and embrace. In such a fast-paced time, it’s essential to be able to slow down and give ourselves a chance to connect with the simplicity and beauty of this world, this life, this moment. Tea does that.

The act of having a cuppa is quite simple, but it doesn’t always need to taste ‘simple’. Gone are the days of any old tea bag dropped in hot water – it deserves respect! Who needs “lightly flavoured hot water”, when you can have a cup of awesomeness? Tea From Two Homes have added oomph to some ‘everyday’ blends, and created others which are uniquely delicious and will wake your taste buds up. This is the place where organic loose leaf herbal ingredients are transformed into distinctive flavours which are bright, bold and a bit boisterous.

And there’s so much happening behind the tea as well. It’s tea served with a dash of love – handmade from the heart, encased in eco-friendly packaging, and accompanied by messages from the Compliment-Tree. These complimentary compliments give you the inspiration to start the day on a high, the cure to a rough patch, or a high five for a job well done.

So, whether you’ve had the best day or the worst, give yourself a hug from your mug with a tasty brew just for you!