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Smokey BBQ

Wild Freight Train Chillies


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To give this BBQ sauce it's the smokey flavour our onions are smoked over hickory wood for four hours. When you try the BBQ sauce you will taste the tomato and onions first followed by a smokey hit. It will then finish off with our signature heat.

Available in three levels of heat: Steamers (Mild), Freighter (Medium) and Express (Hot).


  • 150ml
  • Refridgerate after opening
Wild Freight Train Chillies
Our name is not just our business model it also has a deeper meaning. The founder of Wild Freight Train Chillies (WFTC) worked as a shunter in various rail yards, including freight trains, for years before pursuing his passion for creating amazing flavour experiences using non-traditional ingredient combinations. Whilst developing his recipes the common feedback was that the flavour really hits you and that it's a wild combination. Hence Wild Freight Train Chillies was born. Our name reflects our past, passion and mission.

We at WFTC have one simple mission. We are focused on flavour, not just heat. We have a passion for super hot chillies, that is why our base chilli is the Carolina Reaper.
We know heat is nothing without flavour. That is why we create sauces, chutney’s, jams and preserves with flavour as our main focus. We are a chilli business with a slight difference. We are not the type of people that want to overpower your palate with heat, we do have a wide selection of heat levels to suit everyone's taste.

With all our products you will taste your food first, sauce/chutney/jam second and all will finish with our signature heat. We are here to add to your style of food and your taste we don’t want to overpower the dish.

We focus on the best quality produce available in Australia which we then craft into the spectacular products available to you. We have strict quality control and nothing gets bottled unless it is 110% correct.
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