We acknowledge Aboriginal Traditional Owners of Country throughout Victoria and pays respect to their cultures and Elders past, present and emerging.

Manda and Garry - Tea From Two Homes

What's In A Name?
Tea From Two Homes is the joining of forces of two tea lovers and creatives - Manda and Garry. Our name was inspired by many different elements of what makes us us:

Tea - we love tea, particularly herbals (tisanes), but obviously 'Herbal Tea From Two Homes' and 'Tisanes From Two Homes' are both a mouthful.
From - our tea is a present from us to you.
Two - we are a couple, but also two individuals with different ideas, palates and backgrounds. Each tea we create is inspired and jointly crafted by the two of us.
Homes - Tea Detective Garry may well be a long lost relative of Sherlock Holmes! We've played on his surname, whilst also bring out the relaxing warm and fuzzies which come from enjoying a wonderful cup of tea in your happy place - wherever 'home' is for you.

Our name goes back to a fun-filled brainstorming session between the two of us and Manda's dad, Andy in late 2018. Back then, the business was still in its 'larval' stage - an idea with infinite possibilities, which we are STILL discovering and exploring. We've done SO much since then - catering 2 weddings for friends, 2 regular markets, trialling bliss balls at the market and in a local cafe, hot cups of tea, take-home packs, a retail space, A LOT of different packaging ideas, and now a website!

We're loving seeing where the universal energy of this business takes us, and look forward to learning and exploring more of the tea universe!❣️🍵
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