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Anna - Old Vine Candles

Anna - Old Vine Candles
Established in 2015, Old Vine Candles is a family-owned business based on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula. We are so fortunate to be in such a lovely part of the world and all of our candles are made with love while overlooking bay views.

Glass is one of the longest-lasting man-made materials. It is estimated that it takes 1 million years for a glass bottle to decompose in the environment! While recycling is great, unfortunately not all the glass in your recycling bin will actually be recycled leaving us with the shocking fact that there are hundreds of thousands of tonnes of glass sitting in stockpiles or being sent to landfill!

Reusing or repurposing glass is far less energy-intensive than putting it through the recycling process and it also eliminates any risk of the product ending up in landfill. The wine bottles that we use to create our candles are all collected from around the Mornington Peninsula, they are then, by hand, cut with the edges carefully sanded, before being cleaned and filled for you. Because each wine bottle collected is unique, you may find each candle has slight variances due to its shape or colour, we just think this adds to the charm of your candle.

Our candles are all handmade using the highest quality fragrance oils available and professional grade soy wax, this allows our candles to burn longer and cleaner, with a longer-lasting scent to perfume your home. You can expect only the highest quality product and attention to detail from Old Vine Candles.

We often get asked, “so what does wine smell like in a candle?” The easiest way to answer this is the next time you pick up your favourite bottle have a look at its back label or are in a winery, bar or restaurant, take a look at their wine lists. Read the descriptions, this is where the inspiration for our candle scents come from.

Our candles are unique, and unlike any other candles, you have had before. The sustainable luxury candle.