We acknowledge Aboriginal Traditional Owners of Country throughout Victoria and pays respect to their cultures and Elders past, present and emerging.

Collins Honey

Collins Honey
Welcome to Collins Honey - an Australian owned and operated family business.
Collins Honey was forged from humble beginnings in 1955 by a very young Norm Collins and his father Norman Collins.

At the age of 10, Norm and his dad lived in the Yarra Valley - Gladesdale Victoria. His first 2 hives were purchased from "Old Spicer" a local man that didn't want them anymore as there wasn't a lot of honey in the area. And by 'hives', we mean they were simply boxes covered in hessian, a piece of tin and a brick for which Norm paid just 10 shillings.

Watching the bees was one of young Norm's favourite pastimes. He was fascinated by the way they methodically collected and carried pollen, zooming in and out of the hives. It didn't take long before his obsession with bees became more than just a hobby.

As time went on, Norm persevered with his newfound passion. He bought another 6 hives from Dargo in Gippsland Victoria and slowly built up to over 50 hives in the following five years. By the time Norm turned 18, he had established a flourishing farm of 300 hives in the Yarra Valley. Norm's love, dedication and fascination with bees had turned into a successful family business - not bad for a self-taught beekeeper!

Fast forward 60 years and... Collins Honey Producers is now three generations strong and at the forefront of the development and success of the Australian Honey Industry. Our first-hand experience, wealth of knowledge and thorough understanding of all things bees will continue to be passed from generation to generation, ensuring all of our products are the best in the business for many years to come.