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Botanical Bath Soaks

Polly's Farm

Mornington Peninsula

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Made with premium natural salts, organic and wildcrafted botanicals and pure essential oils.

Rejuvenation Blend
A handmade blend of natural sea salts and botanicals infused with Australian White Grapefruit essential oil. West Australian Sea Salt, Bokek Dead Sea Salt and Epsom Salt form the base of this blend, combined with seven healing botanicals including Hibiscus Flower filled with vitamin C, minerals and antioxidants, Olive Leaf for energy and immune support, and Peppermint, renowned for its restorative properties. Together these powerful salts and botanicals provide an uplifting soak for body, mind and spirit.

Replenishment Blend (remedial)
Handmade specifically for problem skin, inflammation and depleted bodies. Himalayan Pink Salt with over 80 naturally occurring minerals and trace elements, Dead Sea Salt and Epsom Salts form the base of this blend. These combine with healing botanicals including Frankincense, revered for its cleansing properties, Organic Juniper Berries loaded with antioxidants, and Atlantic Kelp, a mineral powerhouse. together these nourishing salts and botanicals provide a beautifully restorative soak.

Relaxation Blend
A gentle handmade blend of premium natural salts and botanicals to soothe and restore. Himalayan Pink Salt with over 80 naturally occurring minerals and trace elements, Bokek Dead Sea Salt and Natural Epsom Salt form the base of this blend. These combine with nurturing botanicals including Organic Lavender Flowers renowned for their powerful calming properties, Wildcrafted Hawthorn Berries filled with antioxidants, and Organic Lemon Balm to uplift and ease tension. Infused with Rose Maroc Absolute, this is the ultimate blend to relax and unwind.

Directions for Use:
Sprinkle 4-5 tablespoons into a warm bath, or place 4-5 scoops into the muslin bag supplied and place in the bath. Allow salts to dissolve then soak in the bath for at least 20 minutes to enjoy the full benefits. If you don't have a bath, fear not. Our soaks are just as beneficial when used in a foot bath (a broad-based bucket will do). Simply pour 1-2 tablespoons into a foot tub (or use your muslin bag if preferred) with warm water, soak and relax.


  • 100% Natural
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Organic & Wildcrafted
  • Australian Made
Polly's Farm
Polly’s Farm was born of a passion for the healing, nourishing powers of nature and a belief in the wonders we can create with a small plot of land and a big dream.

Seeded by founder Kimberley Kidger, Polly’s Farm is a dream come to fruition; to hand craft premium natural botanical skincare products that provide nourishment for our bodies whilst protecting the land from which they’re made.

All Polly’s Farm products are made with love on Victoria's beautiful Mornington Peninsula.