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Infused Honey 300g

ShortHive Honey

Great Ocean Road

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We are beekeepers from South West Victoria. After two years of infusing honey and sticking with the three original flavours of Salted, Espresso and Chilli Honey, we decided it was time to add an additional flavour. We thought chocolate honey sounded too good to be true. So for more than six months, we tried, tested and trialled different types of cacao before deciding on our final recipe. In May 2020 we finally released our Cacao Honey. This product is currently a limited edition product.

Please Note: Due to biosecurity laws, this product can not be shipped to Western Australia or Kangaroo Island.


  • 300g bottle
  • Bottle is presented in a calico bag
ShortHive Honey
We're ShortHive and we love honey.

This precious gold liquid has been in our family for a long time. Our Grandfather has been a beekeeper for over 50 years. An award here, an award there … our family knows how to harvest some pretty fine honey.

One chilly afternoon, we were sitting around the farm table talking all things bee-keeping when someone had the brilliant idea of infusing our honey with different flavours. Three weeks later, we were back at that table taste-testing our crazy infusions. Lavender, chai, lemon, orange, the list goes on. Three flavours emerged as our favourites - Salted, Espresso, and Chilli.

The saltiness of the Murray River Salt combined with the sweetness of honey created a butterscotch-like flavour that was the perfect accompaniment to a bowl of creamy vanilla ice-cream.

The Espresso infusion was like nothing any of us had ever tasted. We slathered it on warm, freshly baked scones, and the flavours were heavenly.

After multiple tests with different types of Chilli, we finally found the right one - Habanero. The delicate sweetness of our honey, mixed with the intensely fiery Habanero Chilli delivered the perfect balance between spicy and sweet.

We had to share, and so here we are, sharing with you.