We acknowledge Aboriginal Traditional Owners of Country throughout Victoria and pays respect to their cultures and Elders past, present and emerging.

Kangaroo Jack Face Masks by Indigenous Artist Nambooka

Kangaroo Jack

Great Ocean Road

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Kangaroo Jack Face Mask


X Large (Adult) | Width: 24 cm | Height: 14.5 cm | Elastic: 9.5 cm

Australian Indigenous Artwork

Around The Waterhole Purple

Nambooka (Bea Edwards)

Nambooka is a descendant from the Pyemmairrener clan of Tasmania. Nambooka is a well-known designer in the quilting world. Her designs are clear, colourful and very attractive. In this design, Nambooka has depicted the happenings around a waterhole on a summer day.

On a summer day, people wander around the bush to collect bush food and drink water from the waterholes. The semi-circles or ‘U’s are the people and their footsteps can be seen on the tracks. They use digging sticks to dig and gather food from the ground. Because of the hot day, animals like goannas, rainbow snakes, tortoises and frogs can also be seen going to the waterhole for water. Some long gum leaves (eucalyptus leaves) and fruit had fallen to the ground.


  • 100% Cotton material face mask (non surgical).
  • Hand made in Victoria, Australia.
  • Authentic Australian Indigenous artwork by Nambooka.
  • Durable three layer protection with an inbuilt high quality filter layer in accordance with the Department of Health and Human Services Victoria and the World Health Organization.
  • Washing machine safe (cold wash / delicate mode).
  • Refund & Exchange Policy: Please note that due to the Covid-19 Global Pandemic, we currently do not accept refunds or exchanges on face mask purchases for the heath and safety of our customers. If you receive a defective or damaged purchased product due to a Australia Post delivery, please email us at kangaroojacktours@gmail.com
Kangaroo Jack
Kangaroo Jack is proudly an Australian owned and operated clothing apparel and local tourism business on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia.

Kangaroo Jack donates 10% of all our online face mask sales to our local Indigenous Community at the Narana Aboriginal Cultural Centre in Victoria, Australia. The Narana Aboriginal Cultural Centre is a not-for-profit organisation that facilitates Indigenous educational programs for Australian school students and disadvantaged Indigenous youth.

At the core of our brand is our ‘Kangaroo (Badagarang) Jack’ artwork, created by the very talented Indigenous artist M.J. Badagarang from the ‘Dharug Nation’ in Sydney, Australia.

“The traditional name for kangaroo in Dharug Country is ‘Badagarang’, this is my totem animal that I must always protect and cherish. The kangaroo is a strong, native Australian animal and is considered to be very family orientated. The yellow, orange and brown lines inside the kangaroo artwork represent the rivers in Australia. Rivers are important to us as traditional people as it provides life to ‘Country’. In my culture, the term ‘Country’ refers to people, animals, place and land. The orange dots that form small circles represent communities, signifying the 250 Aboriginal Countries that makeup Australia. The ‘U’ shapes around the kangaroo symbolises the different people coming from around the world that are seeking understanding for culture and traditional Australia. The white dots connects us all, as one people. No matter where you come from, I acknowledge you and thank you for visiting the stories my old people left us. Thank you for supporting ‘Kangaroo Jack’.

Let’s walk together.” M.J. Badagarang (Mikaela J. Cameron)