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100 mile foodie

Mornington Peninsula

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Local ingredients or materials

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  • 100 MILE FOODIE Tomato Relish
  • 100 MILE FOODIE Christmas Jam
  • 100 MILE FOODIE Spiced Pinot Noir paste, 125g
  • 100 MILE FOODIE Merlot paste, 125g
  • 100 MILE FOODIEQuince paste, 125g
  • 100 MILE FOODIE Spiced Pear paste 40g
  • 100 MILE FOODIE Spiced Pinot 40g
  • 100 MILE FOODIE Lavosh
  • Cheeseboard utensils

100 mile foodie
100 Mile Foodie is an exciting opportunity for me to share my food discoveries, my passions and my joy of using local, sustainable and ethical food & wine available right on my doorstep.