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Jill Hermans


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These 100% recycled sterling silver rings are simple in design, with a scattering of clear enamel to add colour.
For this range of jewellery I am inspired by working with the metal and the enamel and its reactions to the heat of my torch flame. I utilise the technique of reticulation, where the metals surface melts and bubbles up creating beautiful and unexpected patterns and textures.
  • Large ring: Face is 25 x 25 mm. Shank size is R.
  • Medium ring: Face is 20 x 20 mm. Shank size is Q 1/2.
  • Small ring: Face is 15 x 15 mm. Shank size is S.
Foundry Silver - Jill Hermans
The Foundry Silver range is made by Jill Hermans. She completed her Honours degree in Fine Arts at Monash University in 2009 and has since moved back to East Gippsland to enjoy a sustainable lifestyle, off grid, in the bush. Her practice is materials, processes and techniques driven, finding endless fascination in the reactions between metals, oxides, enamel and flame.

This jewellery range is made from 100% recycled sterling silver and clear enamel.